Facial Abuse Presents: The Sexxxtons

The Sexxxtons Stats
Mama SeXXXton
Age: 54
Hair: Blonde
Pussy: Shaved and used up.
Greatest Accomplishment: Raising her daughter to be as big of a whore as she is.
What kind of mother raises her daughter to be a complete fucking whore? This kind! Mama SeXXXton has been around the block a few times. She's been fucked by hundreds or horny men, she probably brushes her teeth with cum every morning, and she can now be proud that she and her daughter shot a Facial Abuse scene together. Mother of the year she's not, but I think she is well deserving of a special Whore Of The Year title. Somebody put that together and get this slut a crown!
Sexxxton Mother Fucked
The Sexxxtons Stats
Daughter SeXXXton
Age: 19
Hair: Brunette
Pussy: Shaved and tight.
Greatest Accomplishment: Proving to her mom that she can swallow more dick than her by the tender age of 19.
Many daughters grow up and want to be just like their mommy. However, most of these dauthers don't have mothers that suck dicks in truck stop bathrooms, and most don't have 14 potential fathers. This younger SeXXXton was proud to shoot a Facial Abuse scene together with her whorish mother, and Duke Skywalker and the Facial Abuse crew was more than happy to turn her dream into a reality. The deepthroat competition this mother and daughter team had going was priceless, but in the end they both one. Each was rewarded with a creamy shower of cum.
Sexxxton Mother Fucked

The Sexxxton Facial Abuse Video
The SeXXXtons Facefucked

The Sexxxtons are a wild mother daughter team that love being cock whores together. They both wanted to take the Facial ABuse challenged and they passed. Both mother and daughter were face fucked, pussy slammed, smacked around, gagged, choked and in the end, covered in several loads of sticky white cum.



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